Connect the dots between people, institutions and companies.
Grano is an open source tool for journalists and researchers who want to track networks of political or economic interest. It helps understand the most relevant relationships in your investigations, and to merge data from different sources.

Built with Grano


OpenInterests tracks interests in the politics of the European Union.


Data from Poderopedia browseable and visualized through grano.

Grano UI

Explore and edit data via Grano UI, an administrative frontend.


Influence mapping projects have different objectives, and require custom interfaces. Grano is built to be an adaptable, plugin-based toolkit that can be tailored to a specific mode of analysis. Read more...

Collaboratively Built

Grano is built by an open network of collaborators working in journalism and advocacy. This means you'll never depend on one company, but work with a team of like-minded projects to build a shared stack of analytic capabilities. Read more...

Track Your Sources

As a journalist or researcher, you need to manage the source of your data and the degree of confidence that you have in your information. Grano helps you to keep track of such metadata and make sure that your investigation is reliable.

Integrate Many Sources

Import bulk data from multiple sources, add scraped data through the API or contribute entities and relations manually: grano helps you to integrate data from a variety of sources into a coherent model for your analysis.