How to contribute

Grano is a free software project, developed by coders, journalists and enthusiasts from all around the world. We rely on people to contribute new ideas, bug fixes and modular extensions to build an investigative tools ecosystem.

If you want to contribute, here are some ways to get started:

  • See where we’re going. Check out the project roadmap to get an overview of where the project is heading and what the overall priorities are.
  • Join the conversation. Subscribe to the developers mailing list to be part of our discussion and stay informed about new functions. Once you’re signed up, drop the list an email and introduce yourself.
  • Get yourself set up. Install the development environment, including the backend and user interface.
  • Get hacking. Fix some bugs from the core engine’s issue tracker. We like nice code, please make sure your code passes pylint, pep8 and has tests.
  • Extend the ecosystem. Explore our GitHub organisation to see available extensions and experimental repositories. Consider contributing your own extension.
  • Follow @GranoProject on Twitter!

By contributing to grano or any of the existing modules you agree to share your work on the terms of the open source license used by the project.